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    Kenya High School::Curriculum



    We operate clubs that are
    popular with our students
    These include:
    Drama First Aid
    Wildlife Environmental
    Science Tennis
    Scouts Peer counseling
    Rangers Karate
    Swimming YFC
    EAMUN (Model United Nations)
    TIS (Taqwa Islamic Society)
    Presidents Award Scheme
    Junior Achievement Company


    The Kenya High school is a Student-centered
    institution. It helps each student discover
    and develop her individual talent.

    The KHS is a National school therefore the
    students are selected on merit on a quota
    basis from all districts in the country.

    The School offers a wide range of subjects
    based on the 8-4-4 system of education,
    which includes the following subjects:

    Core subjects:
    Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
    Humanities: Geography, History, C.R.E
    Foreign Languages: French, German

    Other foundation subjects:
    Art and Design, Home science, Agriculture
    Business Studies, Music

    The school also plans regular career talk sessions
    where students meet and discuss careers with the
    teachers and professionals from all walks of life.
    This has enabled students to make informed decisions
    on future career choices.


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